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Monday, May 14, 2018


Dodho magazine is a modern international platform for photographers and those sharing an interest in quality photography.

Since its launch in April 2013, Dodho Magazine has uncovered countless photographers worldwide and put their work in the spotlight of professionals in the photographic industry.

With more than one million annual visits and half a million pages viewed monthly, Dodho Magazine has managed to become one of the fastest growing photo magazines drawing interest among galleries, agencies and other publishers around the world.

Praise for this relatively new photo medium runs along the lines of what travel photographer Scott Stulberg said recently: “Finally someone has an incredibly well thought out website that is just what photographers really want.  Filled with so much...and will help all kinds of photographers with so much information...”

Dodho Magazine is published daily in its online version and every six months in its printed version. Each version is focused on a totally different audience, while the online version seeks a public as broad as possible, the print version is aimed exclusively at a more professional audience such as galleries, agencies and other professionals in the photographic and art industry.

Amateurs are welcome to share their passion and ideas about photography and are encouraged to contact the magazine.

The following is an example of the magazine interviewing a photographer for “behind the scenes” information on a particular work.  The image posted here is named “The Merchant.” 

Here’s what photographer Radoslaw Pujan had to say about his image:

“...For sure it was to be a couple. Man in elegant suit, a beautiful woman half dressed. However, what is the connection between them?

Are they lovers, is this some kind of forbidden love? Or maybe it is a merchant that instead of selling paintings, sculptures, he deals with most precious and fine artform – “women”. Answers may be multiple. What we find in this image depends on our personalities, background, fantasies.

That is why I like photography, and that is how it is different than a movie. You put a photo, pose a question. And you do not reveal what happens later. It depends on our sensitivity what story we create watching it...”


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