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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Santa Clara, Cuba.  Photography by Phyllis Adkisson Shess
Today is a special birthday (one of those significant ones we dare mention aloud in numbers) but nonetheless worthy of trumpets and flourishes.  To celebrate we proudly publish a photographic retrospective of our soon to be eight-year-old daily magazine-style blog’s top photographer.

Phyllis Adkisson insists she owes a lot to an early instructor who introduced her to the “integrity of the frame” or simply how to compose images in the viewfinder before snapping away.  “That technique has stuck with me over the years enabling me to automatically frame the best shot.”

Phyllis Shess, Aquatic Park, San Francisco, holding her camera 

A practicing criminal justice attorney, Phyllis uses her photo skills to unwind from the rigors of court.  “Travel is a great way to leave a lot of the bad stuff in the past.  Each image here represents a great time I had with family and friends on the road and on assignment for this very eclectic blog.  I enjoy working with all the contributors and staff of  Money is the farthest thing on the minds of those of us who contribute to the blog.  What the blog is about —is basically a paean to the dying genre of general interest magazine’s, who in a day long past covered topics from pillar to post.”

Happy Birthday, Phyllis.  Here are the top photos your in-house colleagues have deemed among your very best.

Captions at end of blog.

PHOTO CAPTIONS (Top to Lower):

Rue Cler, Paris

Pueblo Architecture, Balboa Park, San Diego

Elevated park atop San Francisco’s new Transit Center

Marketplace, Istanbul

Chinatown, San Francisco

Sanibel Island, Florida

Bayeux, Normandy, France

Recently repaired stretch of Highway 1, Big Sur, California

Highway and farm road intersection near Beatrice, Nebraska

Subway entrance, Paris

Playa Giron, Cuba (Bay of Pigs)

Deferred maintenance, Havana, Cuba

Marketplace, Barcelona

Everglades, South Florida

Dallas, Texas

Japanese Gardens, San Francisco

North Pine Island, Florida (near Ft. Myers)

Neighbor’s yard, San Diego

Normandy, France: Modern era soldiers tend the German Cemetery at La Cambe

Frank Lloyd Wright’s only high-rise, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Mersea Restaurant on Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay

Trinidad, Cuba

Agua Caliente Reservation, near Palm Desert, California

Tucumcari, New Mexico on Route 66

Senior moment baseball tournament, Phoenix, Arizona

Gare du Nord, Paris

Tower of London

Wisteria blooms, Craftsman bungalow, North Park historic district, San Diego

Hampton Court, England.

Near Brawley, California

Brussels, Belgium

Exiting from high tea at The Wolseley, London

English countryside en route to Stonehenge

Bath, England

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