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Thursday, November 1, 2018


San Diego's 2-story Del Frisco is soon to open, but here's an image from the restaurant chain's New York City location, near Times Square and Rockefeller Center. 

Let’s have dinner at the Del will now need a bit of clarification for San Diego area diners.  Since 1888 there’s only been one Del.  That being the Hotel Del Coronado.  Now, San Diego will have a Del of its own but this time on the mainland.

A popular Texas-based restaurant chain is on the books for a $10 million steakhouse nearing completion at Broadway and Pacific Coast Highway.

Called the Del Frisco Double Eagle, the two-story, 16,600 square foot eatery is not even on the water but it does have a swanky address as part of the new San Diego InterContinental Hotel.
Publicly traded parent company, Del Frisco Restaurant Group, has 16 other units nationwide and San Diego will be its first Double Eagle in California.

Located in the new BRIC South high rise complex, the stunning new ground floor restaurant sits about 500 and most likely will be packed for this Saturday’s November 3 grand opening.

The Double Eagle’s chef is Brian Christman, who was brought in from the New York City operation.

San Diego’s menu wasn’t readily available but here’s the dinner entrée steak menu prices from Orlando and New York DelFrisco operations.   You’ll note a bit of a price difference.



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