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Saturday, January 12, 2019


Start your coffee farm with one house plant delivered to your door
Harvest Home-Grown Coffee

GUEST BLOG / By the farmers at Fast Growing

Start your coffee farm with a house plant for starters.  The farmers at skip the seed in ground step by delivering to your door a coffee plant in two sizes: one quart and two gallons. Details at 800-973-8959.  Ask your questions and check if there is any guarantee with your order? 

Easily Grow Your Own Coffee
No matter where you live! Home coffee growing has become very popular. It was started by coffee connoisseurs looking for more flavor... then health-conscious growers looking for fewer chemicals. Just walk over and harvest your beans when they ripen. Dry your savory, Arabica coffee beans in your oven or roaster. Once they have completely cooled, they are ready to grind and percolate into a delicious brew. Growing your own coffee has never been easier.

A Year-Round Beautiful Plant
This will become your favorite houseplant. It produces colorful cherries against a background of glossy dark green foliage.  They go from green to yellow, to orange, then finally to deep red. Each cherry will produce 2 coffee beans each. You'll get hundreds of these cherries each year. In addition to the beautiful fruit, this plant will flower each spring with delicate white blooms that smell like jasmine.

Natural Air Purifier
There are many plants that have proven to clean the air inside your home.  This Coffee Plant is one of them. It will absorb harmful particles from the air and purifies it, releasing more oxygen. In addition, to make the air in your home purer,  you'll also feel good knowing that your beans were not sprayed with pesticides and are free of harmful chemicals.

No-Fuss Plant
This evergreen plant requires minimum maintenance and is trouble free. Keep it in a pot indoors or out. If you live in zones 9-11, just plant in the ground, and protect it when temperatures go below 30F. If you live where it's colder, no worries... just place in a room with windows during the winter or grow indoors all year round.

More Info: Click here.

Here's what a row of fully mature coffee plants look like.  If mail order farming
isn't for you, coffee plants are available at your local nursery.
Images courtesy of Fast Growing

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