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Saturday, November 16, 2019


BIG 'BUCKS. The 56-foot cask stands as the centerpiece of the Roastery. It is a sculptural work of art that acts like a multisensory hourglass with the roasted beans as the grains of sand. The skin itself is perforated and slit to reveal views of freshly roasted coffee moving through tubes in all directions. Ride the spiral escalator as it wraps around the cask and gaze up at the ceiling emanating rays that reflect onto our centerpiece.
Since Starbucks opened in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971 and began a journey that has taken our coffee around the world few would have ever expected the coffee giant to open a 35,000 square foot multi-floor behemoth of a store. With its Chicago Roastery, 646 N. Michigan Avenue, opened on the city's Magnificent Mile, Starbucks continues to expand the boundaries of coffee craft by debuting the world's largest Starbucks.

Today, a multi-sensory destination of epic proportions, the Chicago Roastery is multi-stories of coffee theater. Both workshop and stage, it is a three-dimensional window into a one-stop multi-level coffee journey. It is so large management offers private tours (for a fee).  And, try the liquid nitrogen gelato.
First Floor.
Exploration of Starbuck’s largest experience starts here at this ground level Reserve Coffee Bar.  Visible from Michigan Avenue this area allows baristas to introduce Starbucks Reserve and Princi bakery creations.  This open design allows coffee drinks to be enjoyed a few feet from where it was just freshly roasted.
Second Floor.
Princi Bakery & Café on this floor is dedicated to an authentic Italian bakery created by master baker Rocco Princi, who embodies Italian tradition. The experience results from a collaboration between Starbucks passion for coffee and Princi’s commitment to authenticity with all your senses.
Third Floor.
Welcome to the Experiential Coffee Bar, where a patron can be immersed in the art, science, and theater of coffee. Experience coffee flights and creations, exploratory brew methods, nitrogen-infused gelato, and espresso classics. Discover innovative coffee preparations showcasing the incredible flavors of Starbucks Reserve™.
Fourth Floor.
Let’s have a double. The fourth floor is home to Arriviamo™ Cocktail Bar, featuring innovative coffee and tea-forward cocktails, including exclusive cocktails designed by local Chicago mixologists. You’ll also find our Barrel-Aged Coffee Bar, offering spirit-free barrel-aged coffee creations, and learn more about how we combine our mastery of roasting with the craft of barrel-aging.

Starbucks partnered with Rocco Princi to bring his beloved Milanese bakery to the United States. Located inside the Roastery, Princi offers an abundance of artisanal pizzas, pastries and bread. Everything is sourced without compromise, baked without shortcuts and enjoyed with all the senses.

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