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Thursday, November 7, 2019


By Holden DeMayo, dining critic--Anthony’s Fish Grotto in La Mesa is one of those restaurants, where I’ve always had a good meal, attentive service that’s delivered to comfortable tables and booths.  But, going there was never top of mind.  First, I’m easily distracted by nearby fish houses.  For example, it has always been easier to get to the (now defunct) Anthony’s Embarcadero than to drive out to landlocked La Mesa.

And, Anthony’s over the years has had its share of competition from the late great Café Pacifica and still current Fish Market brands.

But here it is 20 percent into the 21st century and I’m rediscovering Anthony’s in La Mesa.  Top on my list is the cuisine.  It was first rate: I had a lobster tail and a nicely grilled top sirloin for $38.  I was going to have fish and chips for under $20 but when you add a bowl of clam chowder I was only a few bucks short of the lobster/steak duo.

Second, is parking convenience.  Anthony’s is just off of Severin Drive; easy access from I-8 and the frontage road leads you to the restaurant’s two parking lots.  

Third, the prices were fine for my budget.  Try ordering a lobster steak combo under $40 that isn’t an Appleby’s.

Fourth, I found the décor comfortable.  It is showing a bit of age when it comes to designer looks, but it remains stylish and it’s clean as the proverbial whistle.  And, at last look the webpage hasn’t been updated since 2017.

Next on my list to try at Anthony’s will be the Champagne brunch.

Anthony’s also has a fresh seafood market open 11 am to 8 pm and a To-Go Menu.

Yes, it has a man-made lake that’s surrounded by patio tables.  All that is nice as the sunsets.  And, showing its Ghio Family roots the area off the bar has a first class turfed bocce court.

Anthony’s Fish Grotto
9530 Murray Drive (north frontage to I-8)
La Mesa CA

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