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Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Jon Allsop writing in the Columbia Journalism Review

his space has praised Columbia School of Journalism Media Today columnist Jon Allsop for his canny command of the obvious. That’s what a media watcher has to be. 

His latest media centric column--a day after the first Biden-Trump debate-- is a required reading catch all that captured most of the noise in a bottle. How do you put “the shit show” in proper context? But he did it and still had room on his menu for some media business news like Verizon trying to sell the HuffPost. 

Dana Bash call it like she saw it

All in all, the pundits, who Allsop has quoted, out did themselves providing sound bites post debate. Whom among us a year ago would have thought legitimate media reporting from the likes of Dana Bash would include descriptions like “That was a shit show?” For a truly remarkable read: “Last night was the logical endpoint of debates in America.” Click here.

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