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Thursday, September 17, 2020


Located on a Town-owned, infill lot in the heart of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this 13,500 square foot greenhouse utilizes a 1/10 acre site to grow an annual amount of produce equivalent to 10 acres of traditional farming. 

Nona Yehia, CEO and co-founder of Vertical Harvest in Jackson Hole, Wyoming began her indoor farming operation with lettuce, microgreens and tomato plants.

Four years later, VH staff numbers 40 persons and grows year-around and includes a public market.  According to Ms. Yehia her Vertical Harvest operation on one-tenth of an acre can cultivate the amount of produce equivalent to ten acres of traditional outdoor farming.

Vertical Harvest will open a second vertical farm operation in Westbrook, Maine. Projected to open in early 2022, Vertical Harvest Westbrook will grow 1,000,000 pounds of year-round produce in a 70,000 square foot hydroponic greenhouse and provide careers for up to 50 underserved community members. Part of a development that also includes a local market and parking garage, the project will break ground in late 2021.

Looking ahead, Vertical Harvest is conducting a feasibility study funded by Fannie Mae and in collaboration with National Affordable Housing Trust in two Chicago neighborhoods. The Greenhouse would provide education, jobs, and year-round nutritious food to the community.

To view CNN article on Vertical Harvest: click here.

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Vertical Harvest enables the community to grow produce 365 days a year despite the difficulties posed by the harsh climate.

Located in urban areas, these multi-story greenhouses produce incredibly fresh local food year around, and provide meaningful employment to underserved populations. Vertical Harvest employee picks and prunes hundreds of indoor tomato plants.

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