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Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Citizen Vindman
In a remarkable and candid article in “Hive,” an online newsletter by Vanity Fair magazine, writer Eric Lutz recently interviewed Alexander Vindman, a hero to the majority of the American people. 

The Army officer who testified in the 2019-impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump believes “the president’s conduct has “politicized” him and pushed him to continue to sound alarms about democratic backsliding under this administration.

“Authoritarianism is able to take hold not because you have a strong set of leaders who are forcing their way,” he said. “It’s more about the fact that we can give away our democracy.”

“Truth is a victim in this administration,” Vindman added in Lutz’s article. “I think it’s Orwellian—the ultimate goal of this president is to get you to disbelieve what you’ve seen and what you’ve heard. My goal now is to remind people of this.”

The following is another snippet from Eric Lutz’s excellent article:

“...Describing the president as an “unwitting agent” of Putin, retired-U.S. Army Colonel Alexander Vindman said the Kremlin wouldn’t even need to use kompromat against Trump if they had it because he “has aspirations to be the kind of leader that Putin is.” “President Trump should be considered to be a useful idiot and a fellow traveler,” Vindman said. “He likes authoritarian strongmen who act with impunity, without checks and balances. So he’ll try to please Putin.”

“In the Army we call this ‘free chicken,’ something you don’t have to work for—it just comes to you,” Vindman added. “This is what the Russians have in Trump: free chicken.”

To view the entire article click here.

Vindman resigns from U.S. Army:  Click here.


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