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Wednesday, September 23, 2020


San Diego Bay as seen from Coronado, September 21, 2020. photo.


Natives understand San Diego’s temperate climate actually gets better after the kids go back to school. Having one of the best Indian summers in the country, the good weather will continue into mid-December. 

June in the rest of the country is a summer month. In San Diego, a collaboration of weather factors makes this southwest city a chilly, gloomy and often rainy winter-like period that usually lasts until mid-July. 


Two large mountain ranges travel north to south through the middle of San Diego County. During June, west of the Laguna and Cuyamaca mountains, clouds rolling in from the Pacific butt up against the peaks causing overcast days over the west basin (mountains to the sea). 

 The clouds linger because the summer sun still hasn’t warmed the ocean. The chilly ocean literally gives rise to daily low clouds and early morning fog rolling in over San Diego. 

During the year, these clouds are usually are dissipated by noon—but not in June. 

On the east side of the mountains San Diego County has vast desert areas. In June, the summer heat rises up the desert side of the mountains creating a shield that doesn’t allow clouds to keep moving out of the region. This cloud backup is called June Gloom. 

Clueless tourists, who were sweltering in other areas of the country arrive in droves after the school year ends seeking relief from triple digit temperatures. But to their chagrin, if they arrive in June they should bring a sweater and maybe even a coat. 

The mild sunny days the local Chamber of Commerce promises is one big fat lie—year after year. The reality being June in San Diego is a winter month. 

During August, San Diego has another weather phenomenon in play. Wet weather coming up from Mexico during August is part of a worldwide monsoon season that often brings annual rain to the desert and mountain areas of San Diego. On more rare occasions the rains from the south bring a week of wet weather and cloudbursts to San Diego further dampening the spirits of unwary visitors. 

Bottom line: If you are a planning a suntan trip to San Diego, the best weather in a city known for having an excellent climate, is between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Period. Now, you know what something the entire pinhead state of Arizona can’t figure out and that is San Diego during June is a winter month. Plan accordingly or if you’re a Zonie—stay home. 

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