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Friday, February 8, 2013


Crawfish Boil served on newspaper this weekend at Local Habit Restaurant in Hillcrest.  West Coaster photo.

LOCAL HABIT RESTAURANT--There was a period in my career, where I worked as travel editor/writer and spent a lot of time on airplanes, US Customs lines and cool places.   Some how I missed visiting New Orleans.  But, when I see something locally that smacks of the city they call the Big Easy, it goes on my to-do list—pronto. 

Tomorrow and Saturday there’s a Crawfish Boil Weekend at Local Habit, a Hillcrest eatery.  Count me in.

According to my source, West Coaster magazine: “Local Habit will host their second annual Crawfish Boil Weekend, with a special beer brewed by East Village’s Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery.
‘Chef Nick is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and crawfish boils are big events around Mardi Gras and through the prime crawfish season,’ said co-owner Barry Braden. ‘Nick wanted to recreate the Louisiana experience here for Local Habit.’

“Last year, 400 pounds (at 1.5 lb portions) were served and the restaurant is having 500 pounds sent out this year.

SD's Euphoria Brass Band
“To pair with the freshwater crustaceans, Monkey Paw brewer Derek Freese recently crafted 10 barrels (~20 kegs) of a sessionable--Sweet Tea IPA. ‘We hopped it with Sorachi Ace and a little Amarillo to give it an earthy lemon and other citrus quality,’ explained Freese. ‘Sweet Tea IPA has a nice, dark iced tea color, with a decent amount of body to hold up against its 4.3% ABV.’”

Euphoria Brass Band goes live from 8:30 – 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, but $1 off beers on tap lasts all weekend — if you wear your Mardi Gras beads. The party is the perfect preview for Local Habit’s upcoming February 12 “Cali-Creole” beer dinner with Monkey Paw.

More info:
The Crawfish Boil is a first come, first serve event and the menu is “ala carte”-

Crawfish Boil Menu:

Crawfish, with potatoes, onions, and garlic – $16
Alligator or Andouille Sausage – $7
Artichoke – $5
Po’boys and Side Salad- $10 Sides:
Brussels Sprouts $5
Sauteed Greens $5
Gouda Mac $6

Salads: $9

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