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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Eliz. Flock

Given Craft Beer brewing is avid news in San Diego County, linked herein, is an interesting backgrounder report from U.S. News & World Report on the production battle between big beer (94%) and independent/smaller craft beer producers (6%).  Reporter Elizabeth Flock spotlights the recent blocked nuptials between Modelo and Anheuser-Busch shines a light on the long-brewing fight between big beer and craft brewers.

If one wonders why Senator John McCain tends to be so hawkish on Iran, perhaps it has something to do with political contributions from pro-Israel lobbyists.  Then again, maybe not.  But, if you are curious to know the contributions received by U.S. legislators
Then click  MapLight, a California-based nonpartisan research organization that tracks money in politics.  Its motto:  Money and politics: Illuminating the connection.

MapLight’s rankings show Senator McCain’s second largest recipient of political contributions in recent times came from pro-Israel sources.  Who’s the first?  Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill), for the past four Congresses (109th thru 112th) Kirk has been on appropriations committees in the House and Senate.   Check it out:

MapLight is exhaustive in its research.  MapLight shows the money flow trends to legislators in America.  And, it keeps tabs on legislative voting and related news.

Sometimes reading the daily newspaper in this city, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Take Sunday (yesterday) for example:  The following sentence appeared in the first paragraph of a UT columnist’s published copy: “It was hard—very hard—to do, but I believe we have done ourselves proud.”

Was this self-congratulatory pronouncement a new reflection on:
            --The UT figuring out its political candidate endorsements seldom win?
            --The UT deciding to endorse political candidates based on merit instead of political party?
            --New low in self-promoting journalism?
            --Selection of an all time, all-county high school football team.
Answer: #4 And, actually it was an interesting and well done sports article not needing the self-congratulatory opening.

As its many critics might pose otherwise not all is silly/sad at the UT.  A solid piece of real estate journalism—well worth a read—was the UT’s Housing 2012 Year in Review [Feb. 10]. Reporters Lily Leung and Michelle Gilchrist capsulized how our local real estate market is heating up again, compared with sales figures from 2006.  Key line: “In 2011, homebuyers chased value.  That didn’t change in 2012, but it became harder to do as more affordable properties began to grow scarce and multiple-bid wars surfaced.”

From the SD Free Press: “As part of our ‘grassroots news’ mission…we’re going to start expanding our neighborhood coverage in the coming weeks. And all you hipsters in North Park are first in line as we launch this grand plan, so expect to see us in our SD Free Press tee shirts prowling around. (Other neighborhoods shouldn’t be jealous, we’re headed your way as the year moves along.) So if you live or work in North Park and would like to pen a neighborhood-centric essay, drop us a line.

ALSO, we editors had one of our infrequent face-to-face sessions (this enterprise is mostly virtual) last night. No punches were thrown. No major conspiracies were hatched, although our ongoing plans for world domination are still under consideration. But we have determined that our “collective voice” is a bit too testosterone-tinged. So we’re looking for some writers of the female persuasion. Interested? Drop us a line

San Diego PR pro, ex-Trib reporter Tom Gable sent over this Dilbert and Dogbert discussion on social media.  Just another amazing cartoon clip by satirist/cartoonist Scott Adams.

“…Dilbert gets into the spirit of the new media revolution – online mashups, blogs, Twitter, Facebook plus some networks pursuing the race to be first and snarkiest rather than most reliable…”

--Bill Moyers on America’s slow and expensive Internet access reality:
--Hysterical.  From NPR: Two cartoonist’s view of Monopoly adding a new token:

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