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Thursday, February 21, 2013


OK, Great Maple is in Hillcrest but it's just down the block

GREATER NORTH PARK—In time for the weekend here are two new restaurants in our part of town. Who can keep up?  Here’s two new places that has been setting the foodie blogosphere on fire.
 Just Google the restaurant names and you'll find dozens of blogs covering these two places like fresh coats of paint.

The Great Maple at the Presidential Triangle of Cleveland, Lincoln and Washington Sts./North Hillcrest.
--New from Johnny Rivers this upscale replacement to Brian’s diner is brought to you by the folks behind the Tractor Room and Hash House a Go-Go.  Menu:

Polite Provisions and Soda and Swine at 30th & Adams.
--Paul Basile is the hottest restaurant designer in town and his latest has just opened in what used to be Tubaman’s Bar.  Polite Provisions and next door Soda and Swine are two concepts from the creatively fertile minds of the folks who brought us Craft & Commerce, The Underbelly and Neighborhood—downtown. Menu:

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