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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

FOREGONE CONCLUSION / An oil painting by Keith Rocco

“THE SURRENDER”--By American artist Keith Rocco depicts the known Union Army officers that were present for at least a portion of the meeting in the McLean Parlor, April 9, 1865.

Other than General Lee, the only other Confederate in the room during the surrender meeting was Lt. Col. Charles Marshall. They are believed to have been in the room for the entire meeting, about 90 minutes, from about 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.

Lt. Gen. Grant and Lt. Col. Ely Parker also seem to be in the room for the entire meeting. Many of the other 14 officers shown in this painting were probably only in the room for a portion of the meeting. Some of them write in later accounts of spending time on the porch or in the yard during a portion of the meeting. 

The officers in this painting are from left to right:

Lt. Col. Charles Marshall, CSA
Lt. Col. Ely S. Parker
Gen. Robert E. Lee, CSA
Lt. Col. Orville E. Babcock
Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
Maj. Gen. Edward O. C. Ord
Lt. Col. Horace Porter
Capt. Robert T. Lincoln (with saber)
Lt. Col. Theodore S. Bowers
Maj. Gen. Phillip H. Sheridan (seated leaning forward)
Brig. Gen. John Rawlins
Brig. Gen. Rufus Infalls
Lt. Col. Adam Badeau
Brig. Gen. Goerge H. Sharpe
Brig. Gen. Michael Morgan
Brig. Gen. Seth Williams

Keith Rocco

Image Source: United States National Park Service

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