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Thursday, April 4, 2013


SCORE ONE FOR GRANDSON—On a recent visit grandson #2 asked question #2719 during his two-day stay.  Funny, could have sworn his dad asked the same question in 1977. Back then I probably answered: “Because it is! Well, it isn’t.  To find out why the sky is blue I rushed to website for a fascinating answer.

Quick answer: NASA says the sky is blue because light coming from the sun is always white, but when it hits the atmosphere of earth it is reflected, bent or scattered much like light passing through a prism.  Blue isn’t scattered or changed as easily because it has a low wavelength.  Blue light waves get absorbed by the gas molecules in the atmosphere then spit out in all directions.  Human eyes see the blue easier until sunset when the angle of the setting sun allows red wavelength of light to pass through the atmosphere more easily.  


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