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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Brigitte Bardot, 21 visits the studio of Pablo Picasso at his studio in Vallauris, France
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIDGET BARDOT--Today, actress, animal activist Brigette Bardot is 79 years old.

In the photo above, left, the then 21 years old, French film starlet Brigette Bardot visited Pablo Picasso in his studio at Vallauris, in Southern France, during a break in the 1956 famed Cannes film festival.  Actually, the meeting was a photo op for Picasso not Bardot. In 1956, director Henri-Georges Clouzot won a special award for his documentary film “Le Mystere Picasso.” 

It wasn’t until the following year after director Roger Vadim’s “And God Created Woman” that Bardot her “Sex Kitten” persona.  Bardot and Vadim were married between 1952-57).  None of her films won awards at the Cannes festival.

In fact, the Cannes Film Festival, has been one of the top award venues for the international film festival, unfortunately every agent representing budding starlets posed them on the beach to amuse the visiting press corps.  As a result, the cheesecake is remembered and the awards not so much.  But, what cheesecake!

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