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Thursday, April 10, 2014


First Class Dining Section on the Titanic, 1912
BUT NOT FORGOTTEN—The restaurants aka food service in this blog are very much part of history.  They’re gone.  This isn’t an obit, but rather a Retro Files remembrance to when these eateries were in their prime and very much part of the human experience.

Dining room aboard the German airship Hindenburg, April 1936 
Dinner aboard the Concorde, 1970s

Windows on the World Restaurant, Manhattan, 1990s

Astrodome Club, Houston, Texas 1970s

Elipsos TrenHotel between Barcelona and Paris service ended 2013.

Cliff House Restaurant, Circa 1900, San Francisco CA

Dining Room aboard the Hindenburg with observation windows on the left, Circa 1936
First class dining saloon aboard the Lusitania, sunk May 7, 1915 by a German submarine
Dining cabin aboard the Boeing 314 flying boat, which saw service as the Pan Am Clipper, which carried 74 passengers and had a 3,400 mile range. Image circa 1939.
1929 image of dining room aboard the German Graf Zeppelin on its around the world cruise

First class dining room aboard the cruise ship Normandy, a magnificent example of art deco in its prime.  Circa 1936.
Grand dining room of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, circa 1923
Outdoor mess hall American Civil War, Union troops, Circa 1864

North Beach's (San Francisco) famed media bar, circa 1980

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