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Friday, November 14, 2014


Example of Cube House architecture, Helmond, Netherlands

EXPERT IN THE FIELD—Any architecture/design writer worth her/his post-Gutenberg efforts is only as good as his/her sources.  Experts make the best sources because they add validation to what is being reported.  A good article weaves expert comments throughout.  The more experts you quote the better the story. Otherwise what is being presented is simply opinion.

This Saturday, Diane Kane, a solid expert on many facets of architecture will be speaking Nov. 15 at the ongoing lecture series organized by Friends of San Diego Architecture.  Titled “International Crossroads,” her talk will range between Cube House and Streamline Moderne architecture/design.

You don’t have to be a seasoned reporter or a fledgling design writer to appreciate what this expert will have to say.  How many times have wavered whether or not to attend a lecture only to realize when it was over how inspiring the experience turned out to be.

Time: 9:30 am
Date: November 15
Venue: New School of Architecture
Where: 1249 F Street, Downtown San Diego
Donation Requested ($5-$10 range).


[From FSDA website:] “...Diane Kane is a former Senior Planner from the City of San Diego, where she handled large-scale historical surveys as part of the long range planning process. Previously, she was the Heritage Resources Coordinator for Caltrans in Los Angeles, where she conducted environmental review of historic properties.

Dr. Kane
“Specializing in 19th and 20th Century architectural history and urban planning, Dr. Kane holds an MA in Art History from UC Berkeley and a PhD in Architectural History from UC Santa Barbara. She has taught these subjects at several colleges and universities, including the NewSchool of Architecture & Design, the Design Institute, SDSU, UCLA, University of Redlands, and Cal Poly, Pomona. As a Trustee and Vice-President of Programs for the California Preservation Foundation, she is a frequent contributor to CPF conferences, workshops and webinars.

“Diane worked closely with architect Ione Stiegler in the recent renovation of Wisteria Cottage, the home of the La Jolla Historical Society. She wrote the historical structures report for the project, documenting features of the cottage, people who lived there, and important events that occurred. In the archives at UC Santa Barbara, Diane located Irving Gill’s working drawing of Wisteria Cottage which proved to be a better guide for the project than a faded copy in the Historical Society’s archive. Although Kane and Stiegler were not able to identify the original architect, they did discover that Gill added Wisteria’s lower level, the cobblestone walls surrounding the property and the cobblestone supporting terraces.

“For volunteer work associated with the La Jolla Historical Society’s efforts to save the La Jolla Post Office, Dr. Kane was named Save Our Heritage Organisation’s 2014 “Preservationist of the Year.”

Streamline Moderne Residential

Streamline Moderne Commercial

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