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Monday, December 8, 2014


TIN PANCAKES ALLEY—Judy Forman, founder and still the main noise at the Big Kitchen Café on Grape Street in South Park, loves to put on a good show.  She’s a ham to go with her eggs and more menu.

Her latest side dish is being served on stage in the form of a theatre production called “The Big Kitchen: The Musical.”

Judy describes the thespian effort as a counter culture musical about former Detroit social worker Judy Forman - aka Judy the Beauty on Duty - and the inclusive community she has fostered at her eclectic southern California restaurant.

Since 1980 (when she opened her café) Judy and the BK have been the center of the world for artists, musicians, gays and lesbians, political activists, hungry people and seekers of all kinds. 

You can catch the show tonight and tomorrow night at the Cygnet Theatre in Old Town (4040 Twiggs St.).  Curtain rises at 7 pm.

Be alerted the production is a staged reading of a work in progress.  Plenty asides will be served.

Tickets range from $15 general admission to $10 for student, senior or military theatregoers.

Judy Forman explains this production is an original work of music and theater, not a remake or an adaptation. The Big Kitchen is also an original. It is both unique and universal: everybody needs to eat, and most of us seek communities of some kind. But most cafe owners aren't social activists.

She believes in investing in people as opposed to stocks. Life experiences have taught her that change comes from the grassroots...and she loves to water the grass! Just ask Whoopi Goldberg, who once worked at the BK.

Profits at the BK are measured in terms of the impact on people’s lives.

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