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Friday, December 5, 2014


WELCOME STRONG ALE FEST--This Friday and Saturday, December 5-6, Pizza Port Carlsbad is hosting the 18th annual Strong Ale Festival. With 80+ taps of beers 8% and above, we highly recommend eating well and not driving to this one.

The first Strong Ale Festival was held in 1997 and this year will feature big beers by way of taps, cask and bottle. Pizza Port Carlsbad’s head brewer, Mike Aubuchon, brewed four specialty beers for the event: Bird Dog Barley Wine (17%), Chocolate Mint Thunder Imperial Stout (10%), Passion Fruit Big Deal (9.5%) and a Barrel Aged Stout blend of Barrel Aged Z Man, Night Rider and Bird Dog (which will be available in 22 oz. bombers).

“The festival’s longevity is a tribute to the growth of the craft brewing industry and the fact that people want more flavor out of their beer.” Aubuchon continues, “It also helps that the festival is perfectly timed between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the summer heat, you want a light, refreshing beer. But when the cold weather hits, the heavier beers can warm you up a little.”  --By Mike Shess, West Coaster Craft Beer Magazine,

Sip gently!
Here’s a link for tickets.

A list of some of the beers is below:

BREWERY        (State)                         BEER
3 Floyds Brewing                (IN)           Majsgoop
3 Floyds Brewing                (IN)           Behemoth
3 Floyds Brewing                (IN)           Oh Myyyy Takei
Avery                                   (CO)           Tweak
Avery                                   (CO)           Rumpkin
Bad Beat Brewing               (NV)          Next Level
Bear Republic Brewing       (CA)          Tripels Alley
Bells​                                      (MI)          Expedition
Big Dogs                     (NV)                   War Dog
Bootleggers Brewery (CA)                   Knuckle Sandwich
Bravery Brewing       (CA)                   Tequilla Old Rat
Coronado Brewing              (CA)          Barrel Aged Punk’n                                                                                             Drublic
Epic                             (UT)                   Brainless On Peaches
Epic                    (UT)                            Smoked & Oaked
Faction               (CA)                            NYX – Goddess/Night
Golden Road               (CA)                   Hudson Porter
Hanger 24                  (CA)                    Gourdgeous
Inland Empire Brewing (CA)             Victoria
June Lake Brewing   (CA)                   Hutte double IPA
Knee Deep and Kern River (CA)       Deep River
Ladyface Ale               (CA)                   Reyes Adobe
Ninkasi Brewing                 (OR)          Sleighr
Nobel Ale Works        (CA)                   Waimea Showers
Oskar Blues                (CO)                    Old Chub **Nitro**
Pizza Port Carlsbad   (CA)                   2014 Strong Ale Blend
Pizza Port Carlsbad   (CA)                   Chocolate Thunder Mint
Pizza Port Carlsbad   (CA)                   Barrel Aged Bird Dog
Pizza Port Carlsbad   (CA)                   Big Deal with Passion fruit
Pizza Port Ocean Beach  (CA)              Bacon and Eggs
Pizza Port Ocean Beach  (CA)              La Flama Dorada
Pizza Port Ocean Beach  (CA)              Leather Bound Books
Pizza Port Ocean Beach  (CA)              BBA Eukaryst
Pizza Port Ocean Beach  (CA)              Sinister
Pizza Port San Clemente (CA)             Order in the Port
Pizza Port San Clemente (CA)             Dusk til Dawn
Pizza Port San Clemente (CA)             Faceplant
Pizza Port San Clemente (CA)             Mintimidator
Pizza Port San Clemente (CA)             Way Heavy
Pizza Port San Clemente (CA)             Imfamous
Pizza Port Solana Beach (CA)             Deofuls Calibration
Pizza Port Solana Beach (CA)             May the Port be with You
Rip Current Brewing          (CA)           Hop Wine
Sierra Nevada Brewing  (CA)              Barrel Aged Ovila
St. Bernardus (Belgium)                      Christmas Ale
Stone Brewing                    (CA)          ‘11Stone IRS
Stone Brewing                    (CA)          ‘13 Stone ESPRESSO IRS
Tenaya Creek                      (NV)          15th Anniversary
The Bruery                          (CA)          Melange #3
The Bruery                          (CA)          White Chocolate
The Lost Abbey                   (CA)          Agave Maria
The Lost Abbey             (CA)                 Angels Share Grand Cru

Toolbox Brewing (CA)                          Fallout

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