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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Compact houses by J. Herbert Brownell, Agate Street, Pacific Beach, San Diego 
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CLASSIC PERIOD RESIDENCE—An advertisement by a prominent realtor landed recently in my facebook roster and I was about to bypass it until I took a closer look at what agent Elizabeth Courtier, a Willis-Allen realtor had posted.  The listing was one of eight side-by-side “compact houses” built along Agate Street in San Diego’s Pacific Beach back in the early ‘60s.  And, what radiated like Rudolph the Reindeer’s nose was the fact the narrow lot subdivision was designed by Southern California architect J. Herbert Brownell.
         The architect’s name was familiar, but I could not recall many details.  For more info, I immediately went to Keith York’s excellent architectural blog: Click to “read all about Mr. Brownell and his eclectic career.
         With agent Courtier’s social media posting she included many current images of the latest Agate Street compact house on the market.
         Combining the images on York’s blog with the modern images on Courtier’s post, readers can get a fascinating before and after look at a 1960s subdivision that is commanding a price tag close to $750,000.

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