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Thursday, March 10, 2016


Baked on the premises almond croissant from Cardamom Cafe & Bakery, North Park
Discovering one of San Diego’s best almond croissants came as a surprise as I was really searching to satisfy a bear claw craving.  As pastries go, the venerable bear claw is shrinking in size and availability—at least in my San Diego neighborhood.  As a result, fellow sweet tooth aficionados can turn to the almond croissant.

 Enter North Park’s Cardamom Café & Bakery, 2977 Upas Street:

A recent visit to Cardamom revealed the espresso machine was down, but for the time being was replaced with “cold pour” drip coffee.  Sigh.  That meant the neighborhood’s best latte in a ceramic cup was history “for now?”  I hope they fix the espresso machine soon. 

Meanwhile, let’s discuss Cardamom’s fantastic almond croissant.  First of all, this delicious pastry is huge.  Making a bigger croissant is not a problem for this establishment as they bake all the goodies on site.  And, the best news is the almond croissant at Upas & 30th Streets is filled with sweetness ala a bear claw.

So there you have it—an almond croissant that tastes like a bear claw.

There’s more to Cardamom than almond croissants.  Again, all croissants are handmade, small batch breads and baked goods. Croissant or Brioche French toast, omelets made with local ranch eggs.  Roasted rosemary potatoes.  Housemade granola.  Lots of restaurants claim to be family style.  Cardamom is genuine in that you do feel you're dining in someone's home.

Tip: Behind the café are several parking spots just off the alley.  Outdoor seating is enjoyable on sunny days.  Breakfast hours are jammed on weekends.

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