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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The original Orlando Eye Ferris wheel carried its first passenger on April 29, 2015.  Since July 28, 2016 it has been called the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye and currently is the tallest observational wheel on the United States East Coast.
         The 400 ft. tall Ferris wheel is located in Orlando Florida (8401 International Drive #100).  Because the topography around the Greater Orlando area is so very flat views from the capsules include the City of Orlando skyline, vast areas of central Florida and on a very clear day the Atlantic coastline all the way to NASA’s Cape Canaveral (54 miles away).
         Stats show each of the 30 capsules weigh 6,600 pounds, or the average weight of an Indian elephant and weighs approximately three million pounds, that is 1,500 tons or equivalent to 300 school buses.
The Eye is made up of components produced all over the world. The glass covering the capsules was crafted in Turkey
The capsules were assembled in Hungary and shipped to Florida from Northern Germany. Switzerland-based Intamin designed and manufactured the wheel
The Coca Cola Orlando Eye and its sister Coca Cola London Eye are observation wheels.  They differ differs from
Ferris wheels in the following ways:
Observation wheels:
•Feature enclosed passenger capsules designed to remain stable throughout the rotation
•Supported by an A-frame support
•Offers a 360° unobstructed view
Ferris wheels:
•Feature free-swing passenger gondolas or carriages suspended from the rim
•Supported by two towers on each side of the axles
•View can sometimes be obstructed by the wheel itself

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