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Thursday, December 14, 2017


Mastercard using what it claims public available data (not its transactional data) claims the number one destination city for international travel is Bangkok, Thailand.
London, which was number one a year ago drops to #2.

Dubai is at the top of the ranking for visitor spending. In 2016, its 14.9 million international overnight visitors spent $28.5 billion, with more than 10% growth forecast for 2017. New York and London rank second and third, respectively, in spending, says Mastercard’s tourism report recently released.’s intrepid, hard livered, night life travel writer Holden DeMayo has compiled his own list of one hot looking adventure per city.  “I am in the process of visiting all the cities using my credit cards—I’m hoping for a Guinness record on charges.”  Holden filed this report from his headquarters in a Belize cantina. Fuzzy image of him attached below.

BANGKOK—Maybe there’s a reason it’s the biggest destination city for tourists?

LONDON—All encompassing capital of the western civilization.

PARIS—All those romantic rumors are true.

DUBAI—The Casbah of the 21st century

SINGAPORE—Holland Village: So many different layers are found in this island city.

NEW YORK—Nightlife offers something for everyone. Rockwood Music Hall rock venue.

SEOUL—An underrated world capital of adventure and scenic beauty

KUALA LUMPUR—A city waiting to be understood and appreciated. Cantaloupe Restaurant's view atop 23rd floor of Troika tower.

TOKYO—Teeming with plenty to do at night.

ISTANBUL—A metropolis of nooks and crannies where new meets old.  Tourist visits 24-7 Grand Bazaar.

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