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Saturday, June 9, 2018


BANGKOK - Photos posted to Facebook of an almost nude waitress at a coffee shop in Chon Buri's Sattahip district triggered a storm of criticism from mostly women users of the site.

The post, by a Facebook user with the account name of Krua Sahapat-Laem Chabang at 7am Saturday, drew over 3,500 comments in just five hours.

It also drew over 21,000 reactions and was shared over 8,800 times in the five-hour period.

The photos show a young woman wearing big girl high heels, underwear and no bra. She has covered her front with a barista apron, reportedly leaving little to the imagination.

Police are considering pressing charges against the owner of a coffee shop in Chon Buris Sattahip district, who allegedly posted a video clip and photos of two models wearing only an apron and underwear while serving coffee to customers.

The photos and video clip, meant as an advertisement to attract more visitors to the coffee shop, were widely shared on Thai social media with many criticising the move.

Plu Ta Luang superintendent Pol Colonel Thanachai Usahakit said officers had already summoned the coffee shop owner and the models to report to police late on Sunday.

Bangkok police charged the owner of the aforementioned coffee shop for violating the Computer Crime Act, and two girls for indecent exposure of their bodies after photos and video of almost nude waitresses of the shop went viral on the Internet. Sentencing soon.

We can thank the Bangkok PD for saving the pristine Internet from semi-nude baristas.  Next case.

ESCAPEE FROM THE MONASTERY. While we’re in Bangkok here’s another news item proving once and for all the world is going to hell in a handbasket: A chief monk at Tha Utane district of Nakhon Phanom province had been defrocked for visiting a Karaoke club in Mukdaharn province in civilian clothes.  It all started when an alert Thai policeman recognized the Monk and had him ID-ed.  Police then turned in the top monk to the monastery, whereby the monks defrocked him on the spot.

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