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Saturday, August 31, 2019


Blue Bottle Director of Coffee Culture Michael Phillips adds the final touch to his Bright Negroni, rubbing the glass rim with a fragrant strip of orange zest.
Michael Phillips is Blue Bottle Coffee’s Director of Coffee Culture and he spends a lot of time dreaming up savvy ways to let people know about and enjoy his company’s coffee products.  Latest coming out of the Blue Bottle Coffee Lab is a can of cold brewed coffee that can be paired with Negroni.

 “The classic Negroni is a staple of hot Italian summers—and a personal favorite of mine,” says Blue Bottle Director of Coffee Culture Michael Phillips. “It holds the perfect balance of sweet and bitter and has won hearts for ages. There is a newer more summery twist on this drink called a White Negroni, which replaces Campari with a spirit call Suze, a French aperitif made from Gentian root. It plays with that same balance of bitter and sweet but has a lighter, more refreshing feel. Our Blue Bottle Bright Cold Brew coffee does an amazing job adding a little pick-me-up to this drink and brings a crisp fruity note to the cup as well.”

3 ounces Blue Bottle Bright Cold Brew
1½ ounces dry gin, such as Aviator
½ ounce dry white vermouth, such as Noilly Prat
½ ounce Campari or Suze
2 dashes grapefruit bitters, optional
One 2-inch strip orange zest

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the Blue Bottle Bright Cold Brew, gin, vermouth, and Suze and stir until a light frost appears on the outside of the shaker. Place a single large ice cube if you have one into a 10-ounce rocks glass or fill the glass with ice. Strain the cocktail into the glass. If using, add the dashes of bitters to the top. Rub the orange peel along the edge of the glass before tucking it into the drink next to the ice cube, and enjoy.

How to do a Blue Bottle Bright Russian.  Click here.

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