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Tuesday, August 13, 2019


ONE OF 21--At the Post Ranch Inn, one of California’s noted natural attractions sits just steps from your door. The hotel, which is located on the cliffs of Big Sur, is made up of a range of guestrooms and private homes that offer views of mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

So what do we have against kids having a good time on vacation?
Actually, nothing, it’s the lousy parents who were raised in a barn Dand passed on similar traits to their brats that spoil traveling for those who have well-behaved children.

My disdain for rug rats on vacation began after one particular cruise.  While the ship’s captain was greeting passengers with a welcome aboard wine and cheese spread, an unattended kid busily grabbed purses, briefcases and cameras and tossed them into the pool, as he clapped chubby hands together in glee.
Of course, it wasn’t the toddler’s fault. Blame the parents, who should have never left the child unattended because there’s no doubt that the kid had exhibited raucous behavior toward property before.

Talk about instant justice.  The captain asked, “who’s child is this?  Will the parents please come claim him! “  Seeing the wild-eyed couple have to put down their wine and reclaim the child was one of those classic want to get away moments.  Lots of unhappy folks stared down into the water at their ruined Nikons.

But we’ll end this whine by raising a glass of wine to Travel & Leisure magazine, who just published a list of top-rated international resorts for adults only.  Yippee.  Click here.

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