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Saturday, May 16, 2020


Brigitte Bardot between sips of espresso on the set of "Le Mepris" ("Contempt"). Directed by Jean Luc Godard and starred Brigette Bardot, Fritz Lang *yes, that Fritz Lang) Giorgia Moll, Jack Palance, and Michel Piccoli.  Briefly, it’s about a couple's marriage breaking down during the making of a movie in this French drama.

Piccoli plays a screenwriter who's hired by a brash producer to work on a film of Homer's Odyssey. Piccoli is joined by his wife on the set - but his poor conduct sees her begin an affair with another man. Not only is this a perceptive look at relationships, but it also gives an intriguing insight into the film-making process.  Bardot is at the top of her game as Camille and Godard is in the twilight of his despite eschewing New Wave black and white filming for the more vivid 4/C power of the then new CinemaScope format.

If nothing else, Bardot is easy to look at and the interior design is stunning, including the cleverly designed seaside house.
Godard (left to right) Picolli and Bardot in Rome, April 1963 during the filming of Le Mepris
Location: Casa Malaparte on the Isle of Capri

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