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Thursday, May 14, 2020


Green posole from San Diego's El Comal Restaurant
Posole [poe-so-lee] is a traditional dish on both sides of the border with Mexico.  It’s a delicious soup usually made with chicken or pork, hominy with toppings of cilantro, carrots, thin sliced radishes and diced avocado.  Chefs will choose white, green or red chilis to give posole its zest.  Given the topping options are numerous, no two batches of posole are alike.

Posole is not found at every Mexican/American restaurant.  In our neighborhood El Comal, 3496 on Illinois was well known for its tasty posole selections.  Click here for takeout. 

Who knows if they’ll ever return.  Only time can tell.  But, seeing how proactive they’ve been in working online through the crisis we have every reason to believe they’ll be back to normal service as soon as the quarantine lifts.

North Park’s El Comal rises to the occasion
During these hard times El Comal has been giving back to its customer base in the hospitality and entertainment sectors, who have been hard hit by layoffs.  Check with the restaurant when they have free food days.

Register your e-mail in the link or on our website-  When a free food day is announced show your email confirmation and choose either Chicken or Veggie for your group (1-2 meals) - Enjoy your meal! Offer valid while supplies last, please register so we can plan to make enough for all who register.

If you would like to donate towards this cause please do so on Venmo : ElComal-MealsToGo We miss you from El Comal

U-T publishes Posole Recipe for the ages
Of course, there’s no stopping the adventureous cook in your household to create homemade posole.  It’s almost impossible to make a bad batch.

Recently, the excellent food pages of the San Diego Union Tribune provided an article on posole [May 6] and included step-by-step recipe tutoring.   Give it a try: Click here.

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