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Sunday, December 27, 2020



Four national articles on the renewed interest in jigsaw puzzles, plus a quality tip and two services that will help you make your own puzzle are found below:

1. Puzzles in the Pandemic. Click here.  

2. Eschew the naysayer. Gene Weingarten sorts socks in a Laundromat or how one low reporter finds time to slam jig saw puzzles just to be self-amusing. Click here.   

“Monday at the Met” is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle made by the New York Puzzle Co. This witty puzzle inspired by a magazine cover has some of the most iconic subjects step off the canvas and onto the urban landscape, conversing and observing with their famous friends. New Yorker Cover by Artist Edward Sorel, originally published on May 21st, 2001. Linen Style Finish to reduce glare. Made in USA. 

3. Puzzle swaps, puzzle types and popular brands.  

4. The Eureka Moment or why we like jigsaw puzzles.  

5. Custom Puzzles. Click here.  

6. Buy better made puzzles. Once you do a few puzzles you should be able to discern the quality of the puzzle. For the best puzzles (loose fitting is bad) choose puzzles made in the USA or Europe. Read carefully a USA puzzlemaker who uses a low bid printer in China, for example, isn’t a puzzle that will make you happy. Puzzle shown here is made by EuroGraphics and made in the USA. Best puzzles subjectwise are found in museum shops, better bookstores and not mass merchandisers. The Gustav Klimpt puzzle (pictured above) made from an image of his painting “The Kiss” was purchased at the Palm Springs Museum gift shop.  Also available online at the Strand Magazine gift store.  Click here.

7. Yes, those kind of jigsaw puzzles are available, too. Click here. 

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