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Saturday, May 8, 2021


Leonie Wharton at her favorite coffee house Black Swan Yard Coffee, London

ast Wednesday in the blog you are reading at the moment, we reposted from the Internet an article by HomeAdvisor showcasing “The Architecture of James Bond.” 

Quite a creative accomplishment by HomeAdvisor. The 50 buildings were selected from all 25 James Bond films. 

The following is a question and answer session with Leonie Wharton, a young artist, who was commissioned to illustrate the structures from each Bond flick. Impressive.

As you see (above) she is working while visiting one of her favorite London coffee houses.

To see her work in the HomeAdvisor article CLICK HERE. 

Question: Where are you in the photo above? Looks like a coffee house. And, you’ve hardly touched your latte. 

Answer: Working in one of my favourite coffee houses: Black Swan Yard Coffee, who stock my greetings cards. Black Swan: CLICK HERE.  

Q: Kindly tell us a bit about your career? 

A: I am a freelance creative, I began my journey in 2007 graduating with a first in graphic design. 

Q: Where do you live? 

A: I am based in London. 

Q. You’re obviously multi-faceted tell us more about your three favored fortes: 

A: ILLUSTRATION - I help both new and existing brands form a visual identity through illustration. My editorial illustration brings the written word to life, whether for a formal article or light-hearted conversation piece. As well as working for commercial clients I also take on private commissions and produce my own products for sale. 

A: GRAPHIC DESIGN - I previously worked for 11 years at content marketing agency Distilled, where I designed creative campaigns including tools, games, interactive visualisations, long format articles, PR stunts and photo story content. My time at Distilled was split between idea generation, design and production. 

A: FINE ART - My painting style is photorealistic. I have created a range of watercolour wildlife paintings, which are available to purchase as prints. I take on private watercolour commissions including pets, homes, people portraiture and wedding invitations. 

Q: Where can we view your photography? 


Q: Who are some of your clients? 

A: Asics, Google, The Trainline, Brynk, Mattel, Compare the Market, Fleximize, Bridgestone,, Grant Thornton, Budget Direct and Ovarian Cancer Action. 

Q: How does one commission you for your art? 

A: Follow me on Instagram for creative updates and to see work in progress. Or, CLICK HERE.   

Q: Tell us something fun about your work. 

A: If you’re in London head to the Wynwood Art District where you can pick up issue 2 of Social Distance Magazine, made by the art community for the community. In each issue you will find recipes, poems, art, puzzles, articles and my illustration on the cover. That’s me in the photo (below with a recent) illustration. 

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