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Saturday, May 29, 2021


Beachy. Cafe Red Playas, Avenida del Pacifico next to the border.

What are some popular coffee houses in Tijuana? For an answer, we asked good neighbor Geoff, who spends a lot of time crisscrossing the international border between Tijuana and San Diego for his vehicle insurance agency: Baja Bound. 

He came up with five and a half: 

Location, Location. Location: Nativo Coffee Community, Jose Maria Larroque 271, Empleados Federales 22010 Cross border co-op. Walking distance from the border. Grab a cup walk back to the US to avoid hours-long car lines. 

Drive-Thru: Cru Coffee Roasters, 11120 Plaza Domino, Blvd. Salinas. Col. Aviacion Locals love it here. 

Gen X: Electric Coffee Roasters, Av. Hipodromo 9-A, Hipodromo. Sleek. Excellent coffee. Neighborhood. 

Third Wave: Caffe Sospeso, Joaquin Clausel 10342, Zona Urbana Rio Detail: Drive up; take out only. Locals can also go to Mexican Fine Mixes and Coffees to pick up Caffe Sospeso roasts. 

No Computer Geeks: Container Coffee, Av. Revolucion 1348, Zona Centro, 22000 Sad to report this popular spot is temporarily closed for covid concerns. Located on a lively street. Shipping container turned coffee house. No outlets for laptop lollers. That’s a plus. Hope they come back.  

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