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Saturday, May 21, 2022


More than 1,300 pieces of plywood were used to construct the organic forms inside Don Café House’s modern interior. Located in Pristina, Kosovo, the sculpted walls—along with coffee bean-shaped light fixtures and rippled tabletops—were crafted to conjure the feeling of being inside a sack of the caffeinated seeds. Local firm Innarch designed the plywood slats on the main wall to protrude outward, forming one long banquette. Photo: Atdhe Mulla 

GUEST BLOG / By Alyssa Bird, Elizabeth Stamp, and Jessica Cherner, Architectural Digest
.--For more than a few of us, a visit to a local coffee shop is an essential part of daily life. Whether we’re picking up a to-go cup on our way to the office or setting up shop with a laptop and a cappuccino, coffee shops have become like a home away from home. That said, frequenting the same one for too long can make you appreciate its nuances less with each visit. 

So no matter where you are—a big city like Singapore or a seasonal locale such as Aspen—be sure to check out the locally-owned coffee shops that offer more than just a caffeinated beverage. And a select few of the world’s coffee shops feature interiors as delicious as the freshly baked pastries behind the counter. From a hyper minimalist spot in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to a colorful outpost with a retro edge in Atlanta, these coffee shops are giving the cup of joe we know and love a proper home. 

Discover these 23 must-visit coffee shops across the globe and take your daily cup up a notch. 

Third Wave, a coffee kiosk on a pristine stretch of Victoria’s coastline (Southeast Australia) mimics in weathered metal the ocean waves nearby. Occupying about 200 square feet, the beachy kiosk also understands its customers need for a changing room as well as a variety of international brews. The repurposed metal sheets can be broken down and relocated moved from its Torquay Beach site if ever necessary.
Photo: Rory Gardiner 

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