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Sunday, May 1, 2022


"Crimes of the Future" by Director David Cronenberg comes out in June. If you listen and watch the trailer you’ll see what promises to see this generation’s "Blade Runner." What is it about the music? Will Lea Seydoux keep her clothes on?

GUEST BLOG / By Keith Phipps, Gentleman’s Quarterly Magazine--Summer is coming soon, which means it’s time to prepare to head outside and take in the sun, right? Wrong. 

There are simply too many promising summer movies headed our way during the warm months of 2022 to justify staying outdoors for extended periods. You’ll find many of them in theaters which, if Covid-19 cooperates, will be enjoying their first normal summer movie season in years. (Knock wood.) 

But streaming services also have a lot to offer in the weeks to come, from a documentary about a pop star/movie icon to a romantic comedy starring the same pop star/movie icon. (J-Lo fans will be well taken care of in the summer of 2022.) 

And, of course, there will be sequels and superhero movies, most of which actually look pretty promising. But, more than most recent summers, this year looks like it will be presenting a variety of options for those who want a break from big franchise films, too. If even half the films lifted below live up to their potential it should be a memorable year. 

As for the entire list from GQ our lips are sealed.  Opps, sorry.  But since it appeared on the Internet already here's the list.


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