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Saturday, January 7, 2023


Star blogger with 55 million hits

This blog's occasional coffee with series begins with a prolific blogger and professional videographer, Celia Blomdahl, who is a young Swede, who has been living on Norway’s Svalbard island for the past seven years. 

Yes, that Svalbard. The one that’s inside the Arctic circle not far from the North Pole.

Right now she hasn’t seen the sun in weeks and the island is in the grips of the coldest part of the year. Seriously cold. 

She lives there in a cool cabin on the shores of a fjord outside of the island’s main town, Longyearbyen with her boyfriend Christopher and a Finnish lapphund named Grim. She makes entertaining and informative short videos of the couple’s life and business interests in and around the northernmost town in the world. 

Her menu of video adventures is exhaustive. 

Thanks to her communication skills the weekly posts are addicting. 

CLICK HERE for her YouTube link.  

Cecelia is visibly gregarious and appears very content with her arctic lifestyle. Her YouTube page offers her business email and other contacts. (She’s a digital entrepreneur and has an online store). 

Sample video: Winter has come to Svalbard. Her narration skills are keen.  She speaks directly to you and in this particular video you share the uber cold morning out on her cabin deck.  Brrr. Kan jag fa lite mer kaffe, tack?


Cecelia on sunnier days.
Like the violet beanie?
Check out her online store.

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