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Monday, October 26, 2015


John Hughes, President, National Press Club

Editor’s note: Editor's Note: Just received this letter from the President of the National Press Club.  It is sad that any political party would takes steps to stifle media access to its convention.  If history is a teacher then today it is reminding us one of the first move of totalitarianism is to eliminate or harass freedom of the press.  This proposed move by the RNC is an attack on the first amendment of our Constitution. The media is not perfect but it has constitutional rights as a representative of the people.  Shame on the RNC for considering such a move.

Mr. Jeff Larson
Chief Executive Officer
2016 Republican National Convention
1228 Euclid Ave., 4th Floor
Cleveland, OH 44115

October 26, 2015

Dear Mr. Larson,

The National Press Club is the world's leading professional organization for journalists. We fight for a free press worldwide. We strongly believe reporters should have access to public figures and public information so they can do their jobs, which are essential in a democracy.

Therefore, we were disappointed to learn that the Republican National Convention Committee is planning to charge an access fee to cover the 2016 convention. We believe the fee amounts to a hindrance for reporters who are trying to cover elected officials at an event of enormous public interest and importance. In particular, the fee could be a burden for small or independent news gatherers that may lack the financial resources of their larger competitors. Something as basic and fundamental as reporting on elected officials should be accessible to all journalists regardless of their organization's financial reserves.

We understand that even in charging a fee, the convention committee still plans to allow reporters who don't pay into the arena. But the vantage points these reporters will be given inhibit their ability to gain access to the convention floor to interview public officials.

We strongly request that you eliminate the planned fee. Thank you so much.


John Hughes
National Press Club President

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