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Monday, August 8, 2016


Can it be that this young cheerleader at BYU is smiling big because she just learned Money Magazine says her undergrad degree is worth just as much as one from MIT, Harvard, Yale, Stanford?
If you click the link below
you will discover Money Magazine’s best colleges and universities in the nation when comparing cost with value of education received.

In other words, what’s a degree worth in potential earnings fairly soon after graduation?

The usual suspects dot the top 12 (MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Stanford), but about midway down the list you’ll notice Brigham Young University (Provo, UT).

Using Money Magazine’s criteria, BYU is a bargain but it also delivers the goods.  Click above for the chart otherwise this post won’t make much sense.

Money’s Best Colleges

Here's how Money determined which of the roughly 2,000 four-year U.S. colleges and universities deliver the most value—that is, a great education, at an affordable price, that prepares students for rewarding careers.

Money screened out schools with graduation rates below the median, financial difficulties, or fewer than 500 undergraduates.

The remaining 705 colleges were ranked on 24 factors in three categories: educational quality, affordability, and alumni success.

Plus, Money measured comparative value, by assessing how well students at each school did vs. what’s expected for students with similar economic and academic backgrounds, and the college’s mix of majors.

Sources: U.S. Department of Education, Peterson's,, MONEY/College Measures calculations.

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