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Thursday, December 8, 2016


REMARKABLE CITY VIEW--Bertrand Hug's award-winning, French-American penthouse restaurant, is located atop a 12th floor office building in Bankers Hill.  For years it has been one of San Diego’s iconic establishments to take family, friends or visitors to celebrate any occasion for lunch or dinner.

Bertrand Hug, the owner of Mr. A’s Restaurant sent a reminder to his faithful customers that the famed penthouse restaurant at 5th and Laurel Streets will be serving a prix fix menu on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Holiday fare will be carefully curated by Chef Stephane Voitzwinkler and featuring a variety of Mister A’s traditional favorites.
On New Years Eve Mr. A’s is offering an à la carte menu during our first seating from 5-7 PM and a second prix fix seating from 7:15 PM to close.

         Mr. A’s Restaurant
         2250 Fifth Avenue

Hug points out black and white truffles are back on the restaurant’s menu for the entire month of December. These truffles are prized the world over for their incredible aromatics and flavor-enhancing properties. Winter is the prime harvest time for Chef Stephane to slice fresh truffles – black or white – on any dish of your choosing.

Black and white truffles at Mr. A's for the holidays

“I remember accompanying my grandmother and her basset hound in the oak forest near our farm foraging for truffles,” says Bertrand. “Even today, I can still remember the scent of the forest floor, the sudden frenzy of the dog when coming upon the pungent aroma of the Perigord black truffle!

“My grandmother would pull the dog, dig them out carefully and back at the farm she would brush off the dirt, lightly sponging them clean. Each part of the truffle would be used: some would be stored some with fresh farm eggs, as their porous shells would absorb the sublime aroma, and some with rice in a bowl: truffle-infused eggs and rice for the next few weeks! Then peeling them, the peels going into a jar of Madeira wine to use for sauces and the smooth precious inner meat would be thinly sliced for different recipes: meats, foie gras, pastas, etc. This is one of the most enduring, and special memories of my childhood,” recalls Bertrand.

SUNNY HOLIDAYS--Locals find it hard to remember when it wasn't sunny on Christmas Day in San Diego.  We usually get a good soaking around Thanksgiving, but not for Christmas.  Did we jinx it?

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