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Saturday, December 10, 2016


Quarterly San Diego Beverage Times launched; covering the local liquid culture, including coffee.

SAN DIEGO—December 6--Publishers of successful six-year-old craft beer monthly, West Coaster magazine, this week launched a new quarterly slick publication covering Southern California’s liquid culture.

Called San Diego Beverage Times, the new quarterly is devoted to telling providing news and features of the wider beverage community. 

SDBT publisher Mike Shess said the inspiration for the new magazine came from “observing the hard working folks crafting and serving a vast variety of delicious drinks, including cider, coffee, juice, kombucha, mead, sake, soda, whiskey (spirits), wine and waters.”

The new publication’s editor is Ryan Lamb, who also edits the monthly West Coaster print magazine and also oversees editorial content on West Coaster’s web site:  Lamb added, “with more than 300 beverage producers in San Diego County alone, there is no shortage of great tales to be told.”

Lamb continued, “each issue will be themed with an aspect of the local beverage scene being covered. In our inaugural edition, for example, local coffee is the main focus while in our next issue we’ll feature on wine and whiskey news.”

San Diego Beverage Times will be operated similar to its beer cousin in that Mike Shess leads the advertising sales department while Ryan Lamb is editorial director and editor-in-chief.  SDBT has hired former San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine art department staffer Kristin Hardy as Art Director.

Will SDBT also cover craft beer news?
“Of course, we will highlight the breaking beer stories and features as beer the last time we looked is still a liquid,” said Mike Shess.  “Obviously, we will not cover craft beer as in depth as West Coaster and since we will be quarterly we do not feel we’re competing with each other.”

As with all new print publications, Editor Ryan Lamb says to contact him via email regarding articles, photography, features and general news at

Mike Shess is looking for liquid centric businesses to beef up distribution as well as advertisers:

San Diego Beverage Times is available free at local liquid culture sites, including all of West Coaster’s print version pick up points.

The following public service listing appeared in San Diego Beverage Times:

San Diego is home to a large number of coffee roasters.  A complete map of roaster locations divided by neighborhood can be found at

North Park's Caffe Calabria is just one of dozens of on-premises coffee roasting facilities in the region
Roasters with a retail location:

Cortez Hill

Bird Rock (3 locations)
La Jolla
Little Italy
Bay Park

Better Buzz (6 locations)
Mission Beach
Pacific Beach
Point Loma
San Marcos

Bump Coffee
Mobile Coffee Truck

Café Moto
Barrio Logan

Café Virtuoso
Barrio Logan

Caffe Calabria
North Park

Coffee & Tea Collective  (2 locations)
North Park
East Village

Copa Vida (2 locations)
East Village

Dark Horse (3 locations)
Golden Hill
North Park
Normal Heights

Global Coffee Trading
Sorrento Valley

Holsem Coffee
North Park

Industrial Grind (4 locations)
Hillcrest (2)

Ironsmith Coffee Roasters

James Coffee Co.
Little Italy

Kettle Coffee & Tea

La Costa Coffee & Tea

Leap Coffee

Lofty Coffee Company (4 locations)
Encinitas (2)
Solana Beach
Little Italy (soon)

Manzanita Roasting
Rancho Bernardo

Modern Times
Point Loma

Mostra Coffee
Rancho Bernardo

Nomad Donuts
North Park

Pannikin Coffee & Tea (2 locations)
La Jolla

Pavarga Espresso Bar (2 locations)
Bonita Pacific Beach

Revolution Roasters

Ryan Bros. Coffee (3 locations)
Barrio Logan
San Marcos
San Diego Airport

Santos Coffee House
North Park

Sleeping Tiger Coffees

Steady State Roasting

Swell Coffee Co. (2 locations)
Mission Beach
Del Mar

West Bean Coffee Roasters (2 locations)
Liberty Public Market in Pt. Loma

Zumbar Coffee & Tea  (2 locations)
Sorrento Valley

Xtraction Cold Brew
Downtown San Diego


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