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Wednesday, June 17, 2020


After spending so much time captive in your home, it may be the time to refresh the suddenly familiar with something suddenly new.

Here’s what one Euro-based design team  [Porto, Portugal and London] suggests as two of this year’s summer trends.

“There comes a time every year when life begins to run a little smoother. The breeze starts feeling a little warmer, the days start being a little longer, and you just know: it’s almost summer. Summer is a time of brightness, warmth, and renewal – when the temperature peaks, so does our joy. So why not extend this sense of rejuvenation to your home?”

Inca Armchair. Blue is making a big splash this year. After Classic Blue being chosen as Pantone’s Color of the Year, Heritage Blue was announced as one of the main spring/summer color trends. It’s no wonder why: blue is a soothing, joyful color that inspires trust and is known to reduce anxiety.

Colosseum Console. One of this season’s trends is abstractionism. Abstract art does not attempt to represent reality, instead, it uses shapes and colours so as to transmit a message or a feeling. Take a page from Kandinsky’s book and apply that same principle to your décor. [below].


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