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Saturday, April 24, 2021


I love the Daily Beast’s “Cheat Sheets,” a collection of newsie stuff that’s informative and definitely fun to read. CLICK HERE

That’s where we discovered Kuju Coffee.  

Available on Amazon, Kuju is instant coffee in pour over’s clothing.. Each pack is a tiny tea bag-sized packet of coffee, pre-ground, pre-measured, ready to go. 

It even has hooks on both sides, so it can hug your mug with the bag gently sitting inside of it without dropping. All you do is rip off the perforation on top and anchor the bag to the mug with the attached paper hooks. From there, you boil some water, and pour directly into the exposed coffee grounds. Coffee will slowly brew through the tea (coffee) bag and directly into your mug. 

Pour over has never been easier, insist the wide-awake editors at the Daily Beast’s “Scouted” section. 


WEEKLY COFFEE QUIZ--Where in the world is this coffee establishment? Answer next Saturday in Coffee Beans & Beings post. 


LAST WEEK’S COFFEE QUIZ ANSWER—Caffe Adesso opens at 5 am weekdays and 6 am on weekends and bills itself as a gourmet coffee drive thru. Since the late 1990s, it has been located just off of Interstate 8 next to a gas station at 1140 Tavern Road in Alpine CA. Perfect on and off site for commuters driving from East County into San Diego. This mom and pop operation is run by the Musgrove Family, who were recently in the headlines after son Joe Musgrove, a homegrown pitcher with the San Diego Padres hurled a no-hitter. Locals rave about the quality of the brews. And, they happily endure the longer lines—for now.

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