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Wednesday, January 26, 2022


The City of San Diego calls the image above a mini-park at 29th & North Park Way. Ribbon cutting for the $5 million, 21,780 sq. ft. parkette occurred last week. The time line from community idea for the mini-park to city led completion was about 20 years. Better late than never. 

To the left of the image is North Park Way, one block south of busy University Avenue. On NP Way were a row of single story office bungalows that had faded into blight. 

Behind the offices was a parking lot for the 1928 era vaudeville and movie house (right). By the new century the offices and the parking lot disappeared into a sharp-looking place for neighbors to hangout. 

On opening day more than 300 stopped by for the speeches and to view purchased pavers with messages for posterity (lower left). The new public space is more like a plaza or square than a traditional park. 

There are tables with built in chess or checker boards; spinning rope tree for the kids; a small stage, which has been used often as an exercise platform. The back wall of the North Park Theatre will serve as a movie screen for outdoor cinema nights. 

 Photo by Mike Shess, 

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