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Saturday, April 23, 2022


A vertical living wall of plants, along with tufted-leather sofas and a skylight ceiling, introduces vintage (yet timeless) charm into Devocion’s cafĂ© in Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. 

ack in 2018 Architectural Digest magazine published a compendium of coffee houses, one from each state, which according to coffee scribes came off as creative, informative and a great resource for wannabe coffee house impresarios. Here’s a couple of examples of creative coffee house design worthy of reposting whether or not they still exist (post pandemic). 

GUEST BLOG / By Kristine Hansen, via Architectural Digest--A coffee shop's design often reflects its neighborhood, whether it’s the quaint Paris-like charm in Savannah, Georgia, or the artsy grit of Miami’s Wynwood or the champion of cozy in Philadelphia or the repurposed design of urban neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

For the entire roster CLICK HERE. 

The interior at Philadelphia’s 1 Shot Coffee, behind a red-brick exterior and pine-striped awning, looks old—in a good way, kind of like you’re hanging out in a friend’s living room—with book-lined shelves, Edison-bulb chandeliers, emerald-green chair backs, and walls of salvaged wood. 

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