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Friday, August 12, 2022


It seems every generation a work of fiction debuts that captures the imagination of readers for its originality, pyrotechnic storyline and dark alleys filled with eclectic characters. 

Now in pre-release, Cantina Psalms is rapid-paced collection of urban noir. These tightly woven short stories are deep with crime, erotic love and ironic social satire. It is a crowded saloon of intertwined characters—all from San Francisco’s gritty North Beach neighborhood. Each story is a table set with silver spoons, forks in the road, and sharp knives. 

Cantina Psalms’ main characters range from penthouse politicos to icy homegrown drug czars to a mysterious redhead who creates havoc for everyone. Caught in the middle is the Mayor's bodyguard, who has to protect himself from good trouble and bad, including broken cops, jealous peers, and even His Honor's daughters. 

Cantina Psalms cleverly manipulates a San Francisco set in the near future. Can this world-famous city of power brokers, innovators, dreamers and misfits save itself from chaos? 

And in the city of "love the one you're with" there's plenty of sheet music, including a menage a trois for the ages.

About the Author.
Award-winning journalist Thomas Shess is a former editor-in-chief of San Francisco Magazine and an ex-San Francisco Examiner reporter. He has also been a senior editor of national inflight magazines and other major lifestyle publications in California. Through it all, he has developed a keen eye for the powerful, the climbers and the outsiders whose lives intersect in surprising ways. 


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