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Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Grassroots force (above) for social justice and political progress garnered more than 1.2 million signatures in a span of weeks. This petition was watched across the country. Voices were heard! 

Newsweek covered the petition at several milestones! First, Newsweek wrote the first article about how, in just two days, 150,000 MoveOn members signed the petition. 

They wrote follow-up articles when the petition passed 230,000 signatures, then 300,000, then when it hit 700,000 signatures just one week after right-wing justices overturned Roe. 

They wrote another when it hit 1 million signatures three days later and when it hit 1.2 million signatures. Newsweek even reached out to both Justice Thomas and the Supreme Court for comment—ensuring your signatures were noticed at the very top. 

 Getting press on petitions is a huge way to bring awareness to campaigns, and it wouldn’t have happened without us all coming together to demand accountability. And Newsweek isn’t the only outlet that covered the petition. The Hill, Black Enterprise, Common Dreams, Truthout, Salon, Glamour, Business Insider, even TV news outlets, and many others reported on the petition, too! 

The momentum that we built together was impressive. Articles about the petition made it to the front page of Reddit TWICE, celebrities and influencers shared the petition on their social media platforms, and hundreds of TikTokers made videos about the petition! 

There is so much power in collective action. Together, with your signatures and the petition delivery, we made it clear: Republicans, who have won the presidential popular vote only once in the last 34 years, have engaged in a concerted effort to pack the Supreme Court with right-wing extremist judges who have stripped us of our rights over and over again. 

In just the last few months, these extremist judges have ruled that states are required to fund private religious schools; to strike down a gun violence prevention law in New York and Republicans have no intention of slowing down these attacks, so we have to lean into collective action and fight back together. That's why Matthew Witten, a MoveOn mobilizer, traveled across states to come to D.C. and represent petition signers. 

Here's what Matthew had to say: "1.2 million of us say that enough is enough, and that it is time for some real accountability for this out-of-control, runaway court. A court that has taken away our rights, taken away our freedoms, and rolled back generations worth of progress. I've watched in dismay my entire adult life at the radicalization of the Supreme Court, with the appointment of one federalist after another completely unbalancing the court to a fundamentalist ideology from Citizens United to Roe v Wade." 

Click here for MoveOn press conference video at the Supreme Court. 

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