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Saturday, August 13, 2022


Six artists present the new collection of Illy Biennale 2022 artware. The espresso and/or cappuccino cups are being displayed at the 59th International Exhibition in Venice, Italy. The world design exhibition closes November 27 and will return in 2024. 

Felipe Baeza 1987, Guanajuato, Mexico. Now in New York City, USA. For this cup the artist refers to his work Después de todo, solo estamos aquí una vez (2021), part of a series of works inspired by the legend of Drexciya, which spur to reflect on the many lives that have died due to the forced migration, imagining these same individuals still thriving through different forms. They also try to answer questions the artist is confronted with, for example, "Will we ever find a home in this place or will we always be adrift from the only houses we have known?" Credits ritratto artista: Rafael Martinez 

Giulia Cenci 1988, Cortona. He lives in Cortona, Italy and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. To evoke the origin of such an everyday good as coffee, for his cup the artist uses poetic images linked to the countryside, capable of suggesting both the idea of cultivation and that of a cycle that ends to start another. Working through some photographs on the surface of the plate, a shot is born capable of suggesting movement and dynamism, the dark and slightly mirroring glazes on the cup bring a reverberation of the image below. Credits portrait artist: Giovanni Salvi 

Precious Okoyomon 1993, London, UK. Lives in New York City. The cup celebrates the miraculous essence of daily rituals and the natural world that surrounds us. The flower-shaped angelic creatures that move in the clouds look up with their big cartoon eyes, bursting into flames, before the beholder looks at the cup before taking a sip of coffee. A line from the artist's poem hangs in the drawn sky, each word gently lifted by the wind. Credits portrait artist: Joana Luz 

Alexandra Pirici 1982, Bucharest. Lives in Bucharest, Romania. With this cup, the artist invites us to remember the common origin of all living beings through the sign of a hybrid plant-man in which a series of fingerprints are transformed into leaves and vice versa, also evoking a tactile sensation. When the cup is used, the real touch of the hand holding it is superimposed, in a playful layering, on the underlying leaf-footprints. Credits portrait artist: Andrei Dinu 

Aki Sasamoto 1980, Kanagawa, Japan. Lives in New York City, USA. The artist once dug a 7-foot deep hole in a concrete floor. Jumping on a homemade trampoline, placed in the hole, her body disappeared and reappeared, crossing the horizon that separates the living from the dead. As she jumped, she would repeat, "People with high elasticity get lost in the waist. People with low elasticity get bored in the waist. How elastic are you?" While pouring and sipping an espresso in and out of this cup, the artist wonders: "How adventurous will you be today?" Credits portrait artist: Takehiro Iikawa.

Cecilia Vicuña 1948, Santiago, Chile. Lives in New York City, USA. For this cup the artist uses a detail of A fragment of Janis Joe, (Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker) an oil painting of his made in 1971. In this image, the artist flies completely naked to her poetry table, elevated by the same poems that are about to be composed. Credits portrait artist: Jael Valdivia 

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