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Wednesday, December 14, 2022


Major League baseball icon Ted Williams grew up in the home photo pictured above in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood. It’s located on a busy Utah street surrounded by more and more new apartment buildings. Homes in the North Park area (one of San Diego’s earliest urban suburbs) were individually built on 5,000-square-foot lots. That’s why so many older homes in the area look different. These homes—even the more modest ones—are selling for $1 million each.

Ted Williams’ boyhood craftsman home (circa 1910s) remains a private residence. The awning and metalwork surrounding the front door was a design affectation circa the 1950s.  The chain link fence out front makes this a remuddled hall of fame candidate.

 The owner seemingly is uninterested or unable to “trim the bushes.” No doubt he or she is tired of answering knocks on doors from land speculators wanting to purchase the home/lot; tear it down and gentrify it for profit. 

Given the amount of attention Ted Williams continues to receive from baseball fans in America, the home might be/could be/should be turned into a baseball-centric museum or not. 

The point of this post is to point out it’s just a shame this “birthplace” home is slowly crumbling. Share this post with a baseball fan who might want to save the old house. 

Contact any San Diego area real estate professional for details (this blog has no other details).  For the address: zoom in on the photo above.

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