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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


TWO DOWN ONE TO GO--At one time 3 "humble" storefronts lined up shoulder to shoulder at the corners of University,  Herman and Illinois.  Now, thanks to an enterprising North Park retailer we have one less blighted building.  See editorial at end of this blog.                                                                                         Image from Goggle maps.

Jay Porter at a Tijuana beer fest
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NORTH PARK ON THE MOVEJay Porter, one of the owners at the Linkery and the Hub Cap restaurants (nee El Take it Easy) will close both operations after July 15, according to Porter’s blog.  Basically, he says it is time to move on, he reported yesterday.  Linkery partners have developed other interests, including Porter, who says he is looking to open a restaurant in the Bay Area.  Reportedly, Porter says new owners will be taking over both operations. For the entire story link to Jay’s blog:

Hello is in order to North Park retailer David Gleason, who purchased the building on University Avenue (between old Woolworth’s and Urbn Pizza).  Gleason operates United Records & Sound across from the building he is now in the process of renovating.  For details link to San Diego Reader’s article:

God Speed Jay Porter and crew.

And, welcome to Mr. Gleason, this neighborhood is hungry for creative businesses that we all can support. Having a brand new hip site is good news for North Park.  Let’s all hope for something other than another tattoo operation, manicure salon, liquor store that sells cigarette’s one at a time or a thrift store.  Been there done that.

MORE NEW RESTAURANTS--News reports keep rolling in regarding North Park's molten hot restaurant and saloon action.  Social media is alive with notes of Influx Cafe taking space in the New North Parker lofts at 30th & Upas.  Influx owner Arsalun Tafazoli and others at Consortium Holdings are the creatives behind other top San Diego restaurants such as downtown's The Neighborhood and Craft & Commerce plus the new Polite Provisions and Soda & Swine at 30th & Adams.

MORE FROM CONSORTIUM HOLDINGS--From Consortium Holdings website on July 1: “...Late last Friday, San Diego Magazine broke the story of a second UnderBelly opening in North Park [at North Parker lofts]. Plans for the new location involve a lager dining space, additional ramen broth options, and the addition of yakitori. While opening day is still several months away, we’re getting excited and we hope you are as well...”

THE TRIFECTA--In the works North Parker lofts project architect developer Jonathan Segal designed and built the "Q" a multi-level, multi-use building at India and Kalmia.  The Underbelly Restaurant is located in the "Q."  Paul Basile, one of our town's busiest and best restaurant designers is the designer of Underbelly, which is now opening a second location in North Park.  Arsalun Tafazoli owns Underbelly and Polite Provisions mentioned above.  Paul Basile also designed Polite Provisions and Soda & Swine.  Will Basile be part of the Underbelly 2, "Influx" to 30th & Upas?  Probably.

TWO DOWN ONE TO GO—The successful and truly tasty Urbn Pizza Restaurant has made us forget that the corner property this hip establishment now occupies once sat for 14 years as an empty burned out shell.  What made that stretch of University ever so humble (read: awful) was the fact three buildings in a row sat under utilized.  Now, we hear from various media sources and North Park’s Main Street that the second of the ugly ducklings is being fixed up.  Now, the hapless Woolworth building needs to be freed from a lame fate it doesn’t deserve.

Thank you, Urbn Pizza and thank you David Gleason of United Records and Sounds.

Personal note: I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that I owned a piece of commercial property that my neighbors thought was a blight.  Is it just me?  Could you leave an old site sit forlorned year after year while the rest of the community was fixing up other old properties to make life in our hood better for all?  Let’s all hope for better days for the Woolworth building.

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