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Monday, July 22, 2013


OR ARE WE?--Pundits, economists and world financial markets are predicting the Chinese economy will over take that of the United States anywhere from 2014 to 2030. It all depends on whose crystal ball one stares into.  

Pillar to Post editors once interviewed a retired Bank of Tokyo top executive.  He was asked is America's star on the decline.  "He smiled America remains solidly in its Golden Age beyond 2100."   He based it on reputation.  The world will always do business with America when it counts.

What does having a larger economy translate to?
If China takes over as economy number uno on the planet what does that mean?
Again, world financial opinions vary.  For one the bragging rights will disappear for fellow Yankees and as a result many see it as the end of the Age of America.   Will we be OK?  Bottom line:  Yes:

Economies are pretty exercises in paperwork and you can shuffle the data all you want.  It’s comparing apples and oranges or pandas and pumas.  American brand of capitalism has shifted manufacturing jobs off of North American soil.   We’re no longer a nation of industrial production.  We’re paper shufflers, hedgers, traders and service providers.  Let the other guys make the damn things and we’ll just mark them up and take our cut.

A good report on where the economy of the U.S. of A. happens to be vs. China then check the following address:

Greg, an anonymous reader, posted the following on an Internet post about this topic.  His is a comment worth noting:

Greg in Arkansas:

Their economy is on a roll since China doesn't have to deal with all those pesky regulatory agencies like the: EPA, FDA, USDA, and OSHA. And with no worries about equal rights, human rights, consumer product safety or freedom of speech. They may soon have all the money in the world, but money will never buy clean air, clean water, safe food or personal dignity. I would rather live here and be cash poor, healthy, happy and free.

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