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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Anna Beljin performing

Second Album
MUSIC MINER--My fascination with the Internet is being to follow up leads.  As a career reporter/writer research is all-important.  The Internet is not the end all source by any means, but it is one source out of many to be followed up on.

But not all is work.

A hobby of mine is mining the Internet to find groups I’ve never heard of. In searching for these singers and musicians, I discovered recently a remarkable voice belonging to a young woman from the Cincinnati area.  Together with her father and her husband, the trio has produced two albums to date:  “Broken Compass,” “When it Rains” and “Live at the Iron Horse.” They are not by any stretch new to the music scene (only me) but somehow they have not become mainstream names.  That’s a shame.
Her name is Anna Beljin and/or Anna Beljin Moderwell.

In her “When it Rains” album she included a Bob Dylan song called “Not Yet There.”  Awnna (as she pronounces her first name) has truly made “Not Yet There” and “When it Rains” her triumphs because she uses the full range of her amazing voice.

She is found on YouTube but none of the clips have quality sound (duh) so judge her by her albums.

Of course, my online visit to Cincinnati reintroduced me to a long time favorite husband and wife group Over the Rhine.  Such beautiful voices, must come from growing up so near the sweet water of the Ohio River.  But that’s another story.

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